December 21, 2014


Interactive Things looks, functions, and acts like a grown up design studio. With a talented and passionate team of people that’s a joy to work with. I am grateful for your trust and for the work you put in. With a grounded, considered, and strong opinion about our identity and our craft. With clients who have become friends and we meet new ones everyday. With a supportive surrounding community that appreciates the things we do. I am proud to say that we have achieved many of the goals that we had for our studio back when we started this journey together. And, we even achieved a fair amount of things, that we never thought about. There’s nothing in my sight that could stop us now. For the next year, we will take many small, humble, but important steps. And, we also plan to take some big, brave, and scary leaps.

This is not new to us. As a matter of fact, we did this over the whole span of this journey. Taking leaps not knowing where exactly to land. Some people of our team took giant leaps. Leaps across oceans, across industries, across cultures, across self-doubts, across comfort zones. Others are balancing out their landing after their leaps. And yet others are learning how to help people to land safely after a leap. Christian, Christoph, Jeremy and Peter, you all lived up to be the directors, the mentors, the inspiration that everyone is excited to follow. In the name of the whole team and also from my heart, I thank you very much for this.

But, leaps may also change the course of direction. People who raised me, who inspired me, spread their wings and left. Grandpa, if only I can live up to half of the dedication, diligence, and kindness I inherited from you, I will be happy. The mental strength you showed, while your physical strength faded, shall be the last lesson I learn from you and one I will never forget.

Just as much as saying goodbye hurts, saying hello brings joy. I witnessed the birth of two new family members, Faye and Lina, and the growth of our little Mia. And there is one more person that I met this year, who changed my perspective on my course profoundly. You know who you are and what you do for me. It’s true, energy doesn’t get lost, it simply changes its form.

My friends, there will be many more leaps for us to take. Many more challenges to overcome. But also, many more opportunities to fulfill. Our respect, our trust, and our friendship is the glue that will hold us together. I thank you for your time.