December 21, 2012

Thirty Six

On this very date, 36 months ago, I signed a piece of paper with two friends of mine. This document made one simple idea become reality. It translated a vision, our vision, into something solid. Not yet recognizable by shape nor form, but tangible nonetheless. It was our commitment to create a place where real problems get solved. It was our commitment to create a space where people are free and able to explore, create, learn, thrive.

In the time since this day we have evolved. We have collaborated with stunningly smart and inspiringly passionate people from all around the world. Together, we have found solutions to problems, answers to questions, and sometimes simply better questions to ask. We have made decisions and dealt with the consequences. And we have grown. Very consciously, very organically. This is the sentence, where I thank the eight people that shared our vision, followed our call, and joined our tribe. The ones that left behind their work or even their living environment. The ones that believed in us as designers as much as entrepreneurs. Even though we don't see ourselves as entrepreneurs that much.

For me, the past three years were full of new. I learned languages, I did not speak before. I took steps back to move forward. I met strangers that would become mentors, partners, friends. There were also sacrifices. Understanding what is needed and what is excess still is difficult to me. And this is the sentence, where I tell her that I miss her and that I am sorry.

I am very thankful for everything that I am allowed to experience. And I feel lucky and blessed to shape our vision day by day alongside some of the brightest people I've met in my life.

Friends near and afar, you are my inspiration and I thank you.