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Benjamin Wiederkehr

Wholeheartedly passionate about making things understandable.

Director at Interactive Things,
Editor at

Interactive Things

In Short

I’m an Interaction Designer with a focus on information visualization and interface design. With my work, I explore opportunities to innovate through the combination of design and technology, to simplify complex data in order to raise awareness, comprehension and engagement, and to tell stories with an open intent and meaningful impact.

A bit Longer

I am founding partner and managing director of Interactive Things, a design and technology studio I established together with Christian Siegrist and Jeremy Stucki in 2009 and led together with our partners Peter Gassner and Christoph Schmid. Interactive Things works at the intersection of science, technology, and design to help their clients to establish engaging and emotional interactions between them and their audience. Between 2005 and 2008, I have been studying the foundations of interaction design at the BA in Design program of the Zürich University of the Arts, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Product Design with a specialization in Interaction Design. Between 2012 and 2014, I have been studying visual models and interaction patterns in exploratory tools for personal financial information at the MA in Design program of the Zürich University of the Arts. Currently, my research and work interests center around persuasive technology, information and knowledge visualization and emerging interaction principles between humans and machines.

I think, write, and speak about my research and work which led me to lecture and present at SXSW, Ars Electronica, Visualized NYC, UC Berkeley, FH Potsdam, and IUAV Venice, among others. My work has been exhibited in Indiana, Beijing, Seoul, Shanghai, London, and Barcelona and it has been awarded with the European Newspaper Award, GEN Data Journalism Award, and the Grimme Online Award.

This Year

  • Feb 08

    Schloss Dagstuhl

    Dagstuhl, Germany Seminar on Data-Driven Storytelling

  • Mar 04

    MA Design ZHdK

    Zürich, Switzerland Mentoring on Interaction Design

  • Mar 17

    Open Data Course

    Bern, Switzerland Lecture on Information Visualization

  • May 12

    ZHAW School of Management and Law

    Zürich, Switzerland Lecture on Information Visualization

  • May 21

    UX Camp

    Zürich, Switzerland Talk on Living Style Guides

  • Sep 12

    MAZ MultimediaTag

    Lucerne, Switzerland Talk on Interactive Storytelling

  • Sep 14

    Interactive Media Talk

    Aarau, Switzerland Talk on Information Visualization

  • Sep 24

    WTH is Interaction Design?

    Zürich, Switzerland Talk on Interaction Design

  • Oct 05


    New York, USA Panel on Information Visualization

  • Oct 27

    Budapest BI Forum

    Budapest, Hungary Talk on Data-Driven Storytelling

  • Nov 16

    Data Journalism Course

    Zürich, Switzerland Lecture on Information Visualization