Benjamin Wiederkehr

Wholeheartedly passionate about making things understandable.

Director at Interactive Things,
Editor at

Interactive Things

I am interaction designer with a focus on information visualization and interface design.

I am founding partner and managing director of Interactive Things, a User Experience and Data Visualization design studio I established in 2010 together with Christian Siegrist and Jeremy Stucki. Our Zurich based team designs and implements interactive applications and visualizations for private and public sector organ­isa­tions and companies including the UNDP, UNESCO, WEF, UEFA or National Geographic. Interactive Things is also part of the Open Government Data task force in Switzerland and helps to facilitate an open access to government data for everyone.

On, I and my co-authors provide insights into our research and working process as well as document topical use cases in the field of data visualization. My work and research interests center around persuasive technology, information and knowledge visualization and emerging interaction principles.